Davao Medical College Philippines Fees Comparison

Davao Medical College Philippines Fees Comparison

Indian MBBS aspirants choose to study MBBS in Philippines because of the low tuition fee structure and high quality of medical education. Davao Medical College Philippines fees comparison will give you a good idea about the low fees structure and affordability of studying at Davao medical school foundation, Philippines. In order understand the benefits of choosing a college, we should always study the fess structure deeply. Davao Medical School Foundation provides an open and transparent fee structure without any hidden fees

Fee Structure - Davao Medical College Philippines Fees Comparison

Before we look at the Davao Medical College Philippines Fees Comparison, let us look at the Davao Medical School Foundation fee structure to look at the yearly tuition fee. 

Academic YearDavao Medical School Foundation Fee StructureTuition Fee in Indian Rupee (Approx. INR Value)
For 2 Semester and 1 Summer (14 Months)INR 2,50,000 + INR 3,50,000
MD - 1st yearUSD 8,200INR 6,00,000
MD - 2nd YearUSD 5,100INR 3,57,000
MD - 3rd YearUSD 5,100INR 3,57,000
MD - 4th Year (18 Months As per New NMC Guidelines)USD 7,650INR 5,35,000
Total Tuition Fee at Davao Medical School Foundation for 5.5 yearsINR 24,49,000

You can study a world-class MBBS degree at just Rs. 3.57 lakhs per year at Davao Medical School Foundation! At Rs. 22.28 lakhs you can complete the whole 5.5 years of MBBS degree at Davao Medical School Foundation! This comes way less than what you'd spend at a private medical college in India!

List of best medical colleges in Philippines - Davao Medical College Philippines Fees Comparison

Philippines has some of the best medical colleges in South Asia. People from all over the world come to Philippines to study MBBS, as Philippines is considered the medical education hub of the world!

Let us do Davao Medical College Philippines Fees Comparison by way of comparing the fee structures of some of the most sought after medical colleges in Philippines. Every year more than 2000 Indian students choose to study MBBS in the following list of best medical colleges in Philippines.



Best Medical Colleges in PhilippinesTotal MBBS Tuition Fee in Indian RupeeAvg. Yearly MBBS Tuition Fee in Indian RupeeMCI Pass Percentage                                    
University of Northern PhilippinesRs. 11,45,000/-Rs. 2,45,000/-80.5%
Emilio Aguinaldo College – School of MedicineRs. 19,93,000/-Rs. 3,58,000/-78.6%
Lyceum Northwestern UniversityRs. 15,45,000/-Rs. 2,47,000/-81.2%
UV Gullas College of MedicineRs. 17,83,000/-Rs. 2,98,000/-82.6%
Davao Medical School FoundationRs. 22,28,000/-Rs. 3,57,000/-86.1%

Davao Medical School Foundation clearly wins the fee comparison because of its low tuition fee and outstanding performance in MCI screening tests! That is why, Davao Medical School Foundation ranks as 6th in the top-10 medical colleges in Philippines!

MCI pass percentage is an important factor in choosing a study MBBS abroad program. Medical Council of India conducts a screening test every year for students who study MBBS abroad. One has to pass MCI screening test in order to get license to practice as a doctor in India. In the Davao Medical College Philippines Fees Comparison above, you can see that Davao medical school foundation has performed greatly in MCI screening tests with a whopping 86.1% pass percentage. Several Davao Medical School Foundation students also secured top ranks in the MCI screening tests. This means that you can choose to study MBBS at Davao medical school foundation without any doubts!

Admissions to Davao Medical School Foundation Campus for 2021 is already underway! Call/whatsapp our Davao Medical School Foundation Chennai Admissions Office at +91 9444068050 for more details. 

Davao Medical School Foundation - MBBS Fee Structure 2021 advantages!

Studying MBBS is a dream for many. Very high competition and high tuition fee & exorbitant donations in Indian medical colleges makes it difficult for many students. As a result, many Indian students opt for studying MBBS in Philippines. Davao Medical School Foundation has come out as the most trusted & high-performing medical college in the Philippines, by Indian medical aspirants. In addition, Davao medical college provides a great campus experience and a world-class medical education at such a low tuition fee – just 22.28 lakhs for the entire period of 5.5 years!

Davao Medical School Foundation opens up a world of opportunities for Indian medical aspirants by offering a world-class MBBS degree at the most affordable tuition fee. Just 3.57 lakhs per year!

Philippines government prohibits any university from collecting any kind of donation or capitation fee beyond the tuition fee. Davao Medical School Foundation strictly follows the rule. There is no donation of any kind at Davao medical college!

Over the years, Davao Medical School Foundation has become the most trusted medical college by Indian students in Philippines. Over 1000 students from India have been graduated from Davao medical college. Those proud DMSF MBBS graduates are all presently working in India and all over the world successfully!

Philippines is the best country to study MBBS - Davao Medical College Philippines Fees Comparison

Indian students choose to study MBBS abroad because of the high competition in India. Moreover, study MBBS abroad programs offers high quality medical education at very low tuition fee. Among all the countries that offer study MBBS abroad programs to Indian students, Philippines stands out as the winner. 

Studying MBBS in Philippines is better than studying MBBS in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and the Caribbeans. Philippines has many advantages over Russia, Ukraine and other countries when it comes to MBBS programs. 

Let us look at a fee comparison between different countries that offer MBBS to Indian students.

CountryTotal Course Fee in US DollarsTotal Course Fee in Indian Rupee
Russia USD 30,000 to 54,000INR 21.5 lakhs to 40 lakhs
UkraineUSD 25,000 to 35,000INR 18 lakhs to 25 lakhs
CaribbeansUSD 32,000 to 70,000INR 23 lakhs to 50 lakhs
PhilippinesUSD 22,000 to 26,000INR 16 lakhs to 22 lakhs

Clearly Philippines ranks among the best countries to study MBBS abroad, based on just the fee structure. Philippines has other advantages like - advanced US-based medical syllabus, easier climate for Indian students to adapt, lower hostel, food and living expenses, and many more advantages!

Advantages of choosing Philippines to study MBBS - Davao Medical College Philippines Fees Comparison

Philippines has tropical weather conditions that are similar to India. Students feel like it is almost like living in India. This helps them become accustomed to a foreign country easily. In Philippines, they don’t get sick like in the cold countries such as Russia, Ukraine, China, UK, etc. Indian students who study in Russia, UK, Ukraine, etc suffer too much from the cold climate and even drop their studies and return to India.  Indian students studying MBBS in the Philippines find it easier to focus on their studies better because of the mild and pleasant climate conditions there.

Also, since the tropical climate of the Philippines is the same as in India, the disease patterns learned in the Philippines and their treatment is the same as in their home country. This helps our Indian MBBS students to complete the course and start practicing in the home country almost immediately, without any trouble in adapting to the patients in India and their patterns of illnesses. That is why experts say it is better to choose Philippines to study MBBS abroad than other countries!

Complete support and guidance for foreign students:

Indian students studying MBBS in the Philippines get complete support from their universities. They have dedicated guidance counselors for a particular number of students with whom they can communicate at any time for their needs. Universities in the Philippines also provide veg and non-veg Indian food for Indian students. In most other countries, the accommodation will be separate. Philippines medical universities provide in-campus accommodation with spacious, air-conditioned rooms and 24/7 security, to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment for the students. This helps the students save time in travelling, housekeeping, etc and focus completely on their studies alone.

American-based education system with hands-on clinical practice in Philippines medical colleges:

Philippines include advanced digital tools in the learning methodologies. They are equipped with new-age digital infrastructure like Anatomage table, Simulation labs, etc, that will give the students an exposure to truly world-class educational experience.

Practical based medical education system:

These days, careers in hospitals worldwide and post-graduation offers for MBBS graduates prefer students with extensive practical clinical training. Most universities in the Philippines follow a very practical-based medical education system. To make available a complete real-world experience in clinical training, universities in the Philippines enter in tie-ups with some of the most reputed hospitals in the Philippines. This kind of extensive clinical training helps our students get job offers easily from hospitals in the US, UK, Australia and India.

Ease of communication in Philippines:
The medium of teaching and communication in Philippines is English. Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking language in the world! Hence, Indian students at Davao medical college campus find it easier to communicate with and understand the lectures by their professors. There is no requirement of learning a new language or to clear TOEFL exams to study MBBS smoothly in Philippines.

Admissions to Davao Medical School Foundation Campus for 2020-21 is already underway! Call/whatsapp our Davao Medical School Foundation Chennai Admissions Office at +91 9444068050 for more details. 

The beginning of your journey towards realizing your MBBS dreams is just a phone call away! Best wishes! Follow your dreams! 🙂

Student Reviews of Davao Medical School Foundation Admissions - Success Stories

Every year thousands of Indian students fly to the Philippines to join their dream MBBS degree in Davao Medical School Foundation. Their parents send them off with proud smiles, knowing fully well their children are in safe hands. 

Let’s hear the Davao Medical College Reviews from the students themselves! Watch all the videos before you make a decision to choose Davao Medical College in the Philippines to do your MBBS abroad:

Fabia and Karthikayini testimonial - Davao Medical School Reviews

MD, 1st Year Student Review

Davao Medical School Reviews - Pavithra Testimonial

Alumni, 2012-2017

How does universities in Philippines have gained so much trust from the ever-doubting, shrewd Indian parents? Indian MBBS aspirants seem to love the Philippines as their ideal study MBBS abroad destination. 

The list of benefits Indian students mention in Davao Medical School Foundation Reviews are: 

  • Starting from affordable fees structure offered by Davao medical college
  • World-class infrastructure at DMSF campus
  • Proper individual student care
  • High MCI pass percentage
  • USMLE preparations support provided at Davao medical college

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