Davao Medical School Foundation Syllabus

Davao Medical School Foundation Syllabus

Davao Medical School Foundation follows an advanced American-based medical syllabus. Davao medical college syllabus ensures great future careers with high salary packages for its students! 

As a result, Indian medical graduates who pass out from Davao Medical School Foundation find it easier to get good ranking in the MCI screening test. DMSF MBBS graduates are always able to get good job offers with good salary package from reputed hospitals all over the world.

Davao Medical School Foundation admissions for 2020-21 is already underway. Call/whatsapp our Davao medical college Indian Admissions Office, Chennai, at +91 9444068050 for more details. 

Davao Medical College MBBS Syllabus

The MBBS program in the Philippines is called M.D. (Doctor of Medicine). First, you need to complete the Pre-Med program. After that, you need to clear NMAT and then complete the M. D. program which is equivalent to MBBS in India. 

MBBS Syllabus at Davao Medical School Foundation also ensures the students get a lot of practical knowledge. As a result,  Davao medical college MBBS syllabus is said to be on par with American universities. That is why students from DMSF are able to clear USMLE with such ease.  Indian students who study MBBS in this Davao Medical School Foundation syllabus have showed great performance in MCI screening tests with highest pass percentage and top ranks!

Here is a detailed look at the Davao Medical School Foundation MBBS syllabus for the entire 5.5 years:

Davao Medical School Foundation Syllabus - Pre Med

First TermSecond TermThird TermFourth Term
Calculus & AnalyticalPlant physiologyEcologyRizal's life, works, and writings
GeometryFundamentals of geneticsEducation for sustainableEcon. taxation & agrarian reform
BiochemistryAnimal physiologyDevelopmentHuman genetic
Plant morpho-anatomyEntomologyResearch methodologyRadiation biology
Comparative vertebrate anatomyFreshwater biologySystematic biologyHistology & micro-technique
General psychologyGeneral microbiologyCell and molecular biologyResearch in bio. sc. (thesis writing) immunology
ParasitologyPhilosophy of manComparative religion
Plant morpho-anatomyDevelopmental biologyPolitics and governance

Davao Medical School Foundation MD (Doctor of Medicine) Syllabus

First YearSecond YearThird YearFourth Year
HistologyGeneral and Clinical PathologySurgery-2Medicine
PsychiatryMedicine-1Internal medicineOphthalmology
PhysiologyEpidemiologyLegal medicineneurology
History of medicinePharmacologyRadiologyObstetrics and Gynecology
Preventive and Communicative Medicine -BioethicsPediatrics-1Neuroscience-3
Neuroscience 2Advanced pathology
Obstetrics and Gynecology

Apply to Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines

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Why do Indian students trust Davao Medical College?

Davao medical college lab

Davao Medical School Foundation offers low tuition fee for a world-class MBBS program. Find the detailed Davao Medical School Foundation fee structure here >>

davao medical school admission

Davao Medical College, Philippines, makes the MBBS admission process simple and easy for Indian students, with complete support provided >>

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Davao Medical School Foundation offers scholarships and loan assistance for Indian students to study MBBS. Call/whatsapp  at +91 9444068050 for more details.

Problem-based learning methodology at Davao Medical College!

Davao Medical School Foundation follows an advanced problem-based learning methodology in medical education. Davao medical college focuses on developing the practical skill of the student through an US-based medical syllabus. American syllabus along with this kind of direct clinical training helps Indian students who graduate from Davao medical college get jobs with higher salary packages. DMSF MBBS graduates get high preference in hospitals in India and all over the world!

6000+ Indian students at Davao Medical School

The quality of Davao Medical School Foundation syllabus has led to many Indian students clearing MCI screen tests with ease. As a result, more than 6000+ students have studied MBBS and graduated from Davao Medical School Foundation, Philippines. Overall, Davao medical college is the most-trusted medical college in Philippines by Indian students and parents! 6000+ students have become successful doctors thanks to Davao Medical School Foundation mbbs syllabus!

Davao Medical School Foundation Reviews by Indian Students

Watch direct reviews from Indian students studying at Davao medical college campus. They explain how mbbs syllabus at Davao Medical School Foundation helps them, along with the great campus environment and constant faculty support!

Vaishanavi - Davao Medical School Reviews

MD, 1st Year Student Review

Davao Medical College Reviews - Pavithra

Alumni, 2012-2017

Every year thousands of Indian students fly to the Philippines to join their dream MBBS degree in Davao Medical School Foundation. Their parents send them off with proud smiles, knowing fully well their children are in safe hands. 

Frequently asked Questions about Davao Medical School Foundation

Here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about studying MBBS at Davao Medical College! 

If you have any queries or doubts, please feel free to call/whatsapp our Davao medical college Indian Admissions Office, Chennai, at +91 9444068050 any time! Our guidance counselors at Davao Medical School Foundation Indian Admissions Office are always happy to help you. 🙂

1. I have low scores in my NEET exam. Am I eligible for admissions at Davao Medical School Foundation?

Yes. Do not worry about your low NEET scores. Basic eligibility pass marks in NEET is enough to qualify for admissions at Davao Medical School Foundation. You admission will be based on your application and your interview. Everyone gets a chance to follow their dreams at Davao Medical College. Contact our Davao Medical School Foundation Chennai admissions office at +91 9444068050 for more clarifications.

2. What is the difference between MBBS and MD?

Doctor of Medicine [MD] is as per American curriculum which is equal to MBBS in India. The difference is that MBBS follows the British system of education whereas MD follows the American system of Education. The degrees are considered equal in stature. Davao Medical School Foundation’s MD degree is recognized by MCI and WHO.

3. Is Indian food available in Davao Medical School Foundation [DMSF]?

Yes, the in-campus Davao Medical College hostel provides vegetarian & non-vegetarian Indian foods of student’s choice. 

4. Are living & hostel expenses low at Davao Medical School Foundation?

Yes. The living costs are low in Philippines in general. Davao medical School Foundation provides hostel with Indian food at a very nominal cost. Overall, the entire expenses would come cheaper than studying in private medical college in India!

5. Will I get any assistance during VISA processing during admissions to Davao Medical School Foundation?

Yes! Davao Medical College India Admissions Office, Chennai, will guide you and help you through the VISA processing and VISA interviews. Our guidance counselors at DMSF Admissions Office will also guide you through the entire admission process – from application filling to VISA processing and till they reach the Davao medical college campus safely. 

6. Will I get any student concession for flight tickets to Philippines?

Do not worry! Davao Medical School Foundation India Admissions Office will help you get a great deal in flight tickets to Philippines at a discounted price, as they book tickets as a group. Also, you won’t be travelling all the way to DMSF campus in Philippines alone. You’ll be accompanied with other Indian students. Your pickup and transportation from the Philippines airport to Davao medical college campus will also be taken care of. 

Davao Medical School Foundation Chennai Admissions Office takes complete care of making our students and their parents feel safe and secure!